Originally from South Africa, I moved to Perth with my family in 2002 at age 10 where I attended Applecross Primary School and then later on Hale School.

My main interests growing up were cricket and rugby but as I got older I started becoming more interested in the Arts, most notably music. In 2009 I commenced a bachelor of Arts/Commerce degree at UWA majoring in Communications and Marketing.

The communications part of my course immediately sparked an interest in broadcast media and that is when I realised that getting involved in radio would be the perfect combination of both the music and media industries.

I’m very happy with being a youth news reporter at RTR FM at the moment and I’m excited to see where it will lead me in the future, whether it is down the path of radio production and presenting or if I become more interested in the journalistic side of things.


I am only recently the proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science at UWA.

After taking an optional film and television production trip to Singapore during my degree, I decided that working in the media industry with like-minded people was what I wanted to do.

A recent stint directing and producing a documentary about a local Perth bluegrass band further confirmed this and I'm starting to look into the industry of production for postgraduate studies. 

Volunteering at RTR has let me appreciate the importance of community broadcasting, and helped me to discovered the weekly joy of Ira Glass, on podcasts of This American Life. 


In 2010 I completed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communications and Political Science. During the three years I spent at UWA, amongst all the study and group assignments, I was given the opportunity to complete a Practicum at ABC local radio. The program I was assigned to was called Storycatcher. 

The premise was to literally catch stories, or in this case record them, from people of all walks of life. I was given a lot of responsibility to do with producing the show's online website, and was also able to tag along to some of the recordings that we did. This really sparked an interest for me in broadcasting.   As far as interests go, music has got to be up there. I'm a massive supporter of the Perth local music scene, and try to get to as many gigs as I can.

I've also recently caught the travel bug, and hope to see a lot more of the world in the near future! But after galavanting around Europe for the better part of this year, I am now back in Perth and have recently come on as one of RTR's youth reporters. I am really happy to be given so much freedom with this project and hope it helps me further improve my storytelling skills.


I am a Journalism/Broadcasting student at ECU Mt Lawley with a passion for music and the arts. Mid-way through 2012 will see me complete my double degree and hopefully go on to continue working in the music media in one form or another.

I’ve made various pursuits of right-brained orientated activities over the years, including theatre and playing in bands as well as obtaining a Cert III in Music and Performance, giving me, I think, a good insight into the way in which the music world works. I have also been contributing to Drum Media since the beginning of 2011.

Having said all this, I am still keen to seek out a good story, music related or not, and try to tell it in the best way possible, as I hope you will see through my work with RTRFM. Hope you enjoy listening! 


In between studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Broadcasting and Scriptwriting at Edith Cowan University, balancing my infatuation of radio and surviving the late nights of the hospitality business, I do enjoy a Pina Colada and getting caught in the rain. 
Writing films, publishing my works weekly newsletter and exploring the wonderful world of world media websites, one could understand that obviously still live with my parents. 

As an RTR FM Youth reporter I aim to provide relevant balanced reports to inform and explore the world through the eyes of a 20 year old. 



After spending the most part of 2010 in the UK and gallivanting around the fields of Glastonbury I headed back to sunny shores of Australia. In 2011 I commenced my degree, a Bachelor of the Arts majoring in Journalism and Public Relations at Curtin University. 

Immediately I found myself realising I had an interest in the Broadcasting Industry. I have always had a passion for both the music and arts industry so this seemed the perfect niche for me.

I am currently about to start my second year of my degree and can’t wait to learn more about the industry both as a presenter and behind the scenes.
In my spare time I enjoy to go to gigs and festivals. I also have an interest in acting as one of my hobbies. In the near future I plan to travel the world and experience as much as I can.

Volunteering at RTRFM has been a great opportunity for me so far, already I have learned more about the broadcasting industry and have been given a fantastic opportunity to experience both writing and editing my own pieces.

Judith Reczek

I am back in Perth after a long stint in the arctic chills of Norway for some much needed vitamin D! I am currently completing my Masters degree specialising in Journalism at Edith Cowan University.

Back in Norway I lived in a city renowned for its rainfall and amazing music scene. A quaint little place in the middle of seven mountains called Bergen.
My appreciation for music and the arts grew during this time, and I worked at the local Student Radio there.
Student Radio in Bergen prides itself in being a music alternative, and therefore I am excited to be working on Perth's "Sound Alternative" RTRFM!

As well as music and the arts, travelling is a big part of my life. As a twenty something I have graced my presence in over thirty countries. I feel this experience helps me keep an open mind when it comes to journalism.

I am very excited to be a part of RTR's big family, and hope to bring inspirational and exciting stories to the lovely people of Perth!. 


Melissa Melbourne

I have recently graduated from my Journalism and Public Relations degree at Curtin University. For a while I had no clue as to what I would like to be doing when I graduated, but as the degree went on I fell in love with radio news writing and presenting.

Already at RTR FM I have grown to further enjoy the process of writing and presenting the news as well as conducting interviews for the RTR FM Youth News Project. In between working on the Youth News Project and experiencing new things at RTR FM, I volunteer at the Curtin FM radio station to get more of an idea of the radio industry whilst also working my part-time job. A recent trip to Italy was a huge highlight and I can’t wait to travel and experience more in the future.

I’m looking forward to producing interesting pieces for the Youth News Project and making the most of this great opportunity to bring more good news stories to the people of Perth.

Mollie Smith

I am in my second year of studying Journalism at Curtin University and have fallen for Radio Journalism.

When I am finished with my degree I want to work my way up to being a radio presenter, but before that I want to travel through Europe and Asia and see what else there is off our sandy island.

I love music and reading, I am never without a book and don't think I ever will be. I am also obsessed with the gym, seeing as my life is currently filled with late night maccas runs after a night out, I think being a gym junkie is a good thing!

Since turning 18 only a short while ago, I have been in a “try anything” mood, which is great for my studies and volunteering at RTR as I get to meet a lot of interesting people, who have interesting stories to tell.


 James Mooney

Am I hard worker or a fool for picking this career? Depends who you are I guess.

I have made the decision to enter the world of journalism and broadcasting, as I close towards the end of my degree I have been putting my hand to different areas of the trade.

RTR have taken me in to nurture my hunger for current affairs and to hopefully improve my taste in music at the same time.

I’m hoping to share my passion for sport and news to the RTR audience.

If you want to know more about me follow me on Twitter.

Sarah Motherwell

I am a final year communications student at the University of Western Australia who fills her spare time with journalism work experience and gaming.

My passion for journalism is rivaled by my passion for food and travel. After graduating high school at age 16, I backpacked around Europe and Great Britain for three months. I also lived in Singapore for one month in 2011 while studying film and television at Temasek Polytechnic.

During my four years at university I also studied commerce and business law until I realised I was happiest when writing for UWA student magazine Pelican. I droped my commerce degree, began focusing on my journalism career and have never looked back.