Tell Your Story

If you have a story about young West Australians doing amazing things in your community, then please drop us a email.

If like us you have realised that mainstream media seems to only highlight the negative aspects of young people, if like us you are sick of only hearing about hoons and binge drinking. If you are sick of only hearing about the narcissistic young adults who do not value hard work, then please get in contact.

The RTRFM Youth News Project wishes to highlight the wonderful things young adults and children are doing in our world and we believe that these stories need to be told.

To pitch a story send in no more then 500 words about the issue. The submissions will be looked at by one person, more then 500 words would take to much time for it to be effective. Please leave a distinctive contact for the story. Please do not send in audio about the story, we will contact you if the story has merit and send someone to chat to you.

The RTRFM Youth News Project is not from a mainstream news outlet. Out of control teens, binge drinking university students, P-Platers with high powered cars are not stories we will cover. Other outlets do this.