Friday, 21 September 2012

Clean Beats

By Jonny Cockcroft

Teenage party culture in Australia is often portrayed in today’s mainstream media as having a heavy focus on drugs and alcohol.

In a world where current affair slogans like “out of control teens” and “do you know what your child is doing?” frequent our news headlines, it is often hard for kids to escape being labelled as drunken, dope addicts and glue sniffers.

One teenager however is trying to subvert these stereotypes and make a stand, 15 year old Corey Paszane decided to organise a drug and alcohol free, underage music festival earlier this year called Cleanbeats. The festival featured local artists such as Morgan Bain and The Stoops and was broadcast on WA’s local TV network, West TV.

Jonny Cockcroft reports..

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